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We wanted a web presence that could reflect our corporate personality. We contacted many companies none was able to custom design our requirement. We found iT Mentors luckily and they did exactly what we wanted, they were quick and presented different ideas to select from and built our website in a splash of time. Great to work with, Thank you iT Mentors!
Masood Ali Khan
Takhleeq Designing

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iT Mentors delivers finely tuned and well managed services that span the leading industries as Telecom, Property Development/Construction, Finance and Healthcare. Whether you need expert consultancy regarding IT Infrastructure, Information System Assessment or Enterprise Solution, consult iTM. We offer wide range of services through web promotion, automated solutions and corporate domain registration.

iT Mentors promises a 40% reduction of management and executive's time in building the teams, time to market product and quality product development to its clientele organizations. We are working to empower our client's businesses by extending their infrastructure and management activities and supporting their organization. Here is the list of our services.

55 - Gulshan Colony,
Walton Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.


Design, Development & SEO

home_img_03Custom design means that the look and feel of the website is built from the ground up to project the image the client wants. While it is possible to save money using pre-made templates, a serious business is almost always better off with a look that is both unique and tightly tailored to requirements. » More home_img_04


Software Development

Microsoft & Open Source platforms

Proper understanding of a software project's scope begins by defining the goals, audience, and the market or opportunities for the product. In this phase, intense brainstorming sessions, user scenarios are developed and end users are visited in their work environments. These activities lay the foundation for the design and its implementation, that is, for the final software product. As with building houses, a solid foundation is the prerequisite for an application meeting the users' needs and fulfilling its intended goals.» Morehome_img_01


Support Services

Hardware, Software & Network

iT Mentors is empowering your businesses to act proactively towards success. IT Infrastructure services offered at iT Mentors are beneficial to virtually every IT department in our wide scale client industries. » More home_img_02

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